Straightforward and reasonable rates

Every plan starts with free consultation with our business funding expert, a CPA with experience working with small companies.

Focus on your business, not your budget.

We’d rather you invest your money in starting your business, so we’ve kept our pricing simple and minimized your out-of-pocket cost. Apart from a $1,000 non-refundable deposit, we won’t collect our fee until your retirement plan has been set up and your business has been funded.

One time set-up fee:
$4,500 ($1,000 deposit)

Establishment of a corporation with the appropriate state agency, including a Corporate Charter, Articles of Incorporation and Resolutions

  • Your state may charge a small incorporation fee which we ask you to reimburse to us

Guidance in setting up your new retirement plan and facilitating asset transfer from up to three existing retirement accounts

  • The addition of a partner and their retirement funds is simple and only costs an additional $1,000

Preparation of all required legal documents to support these procedures: plan and trust documents, stock subscription agreements and initial cash value appraisal

Unlimited consultations with your personal business funding expert

If you choose to co-sponsor the Pension Transfer Trust Plan, you’ll also have:

  • A tax-qualified plan and tax-exempt trust
  • A custodian to hold the stock owned by your participant account
  • A trustee to administer the plan’s trust

Plan administration:
$99 per month


Recordkeeping of you plan’s balances and transactions

Annual compliance testing/annual contribution review

Facilitation of your plan’s ERISA fidelity bond

  • For most of our clients, the cost of a fidelity bond is about $100 per year

Preparation and annual plan filings including Form 5500 and 8955-SSA

Summary Annual Report and benefit statements for individuals

Employee census review and enrollment support

Preparation of required plan amendments and restatements

IRS and DOL audit assistance when necessary

A group of professional specialists to advise your plan: an ERISA pension attorney, a registered investment advisor, an administrative services provider and an investments custodian

Unlimited consultations with your personal business funding expert

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