Start your business debt-free, without paying taxes or early withdrawal penalties, using your retirement savings.

How to fund a new business using retirement accounts

The most-commonly used source for business startup capital is personal savings, and for most, the biggest source of personal savings is retirement funds like 401(k), 403(b), 457(b) or IRA accounts. But did you know, you can fund your business using your retirement account, without paying any interest or incurring debt to a lender? It’s called a ROBS plan, or Rollover for Business Startup.

Accelefund created the Pension Transfer Trust Plan in 2004, an Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-approved retirement plan which functions as a ROBS plan, allowing you to invest your retirement funds in the stock of your new business. The Pension Transfer Trust Plan has received favorable letters of determination from the IRS multiple times indicating that the plan document satisfies applicable tax-qualification requirements. Accelefund can also work with you to set up a single-employer plan if you choose not to co-sponsor the Pension Transfer Trust Plan.

Once your rollover is complete and your business is funded from your retirement account, your company can use these funds for almost any business purpose, including buying property and equipment, paying salaries or rent and buying a business or franchise.

Buying a Franchise? We can help!

Invest in your business in 6 easy steps

1. Review your financing options with an expert

Your personal account specialist will discuss your unique situation so you can choose the best option for funding your business.

2. Form a closely held business corporation

Accelefund will execute your corporate charter, articles of incorporation, initial resolutions, by-laws and stock certificates.

3. Set up your corporation’s retirement plan

Choose between co-sponsoring the Pension Transfer Trust Plan or setting up a new single-employer plan.

4. Rollover funds into your new ROBS plan

Accelefund expedites the transfer process to roll over your current retirement plan.

5. Purchase stock in your company

We’ll provide the documentation needed for your new retirement plan to buy stock in your business.

6. Fund your business

You now have cash in the bank to start, buy or grow your business.

Thanks for helping my dream come true.

The money you guys saved me I can now put towards the business. I am speechless! I promise you the sandwiches will be flying out of the truck!!

You guys are the greatest. Thanks again!

-Rick G.

When you fund your business using retirement funds:


  • No repayment is required
  • No notes to sign
  • No interest to pay
  • No worrying about how to make the next loan payment


Check out how we save you money from day one by avoiding penalties and taxes:

Take an early distribution

Amount in retirement fund:
Mandatory 20% withholding:
Cash available to withdraw:
Ordinary income taxes (28%):
IRA early distribution penalty (10%):
State income taxes (5%):

Use Accelefund ROBS plan

Amount in retirement fund:
Cash available to withdraw:
Professional Fees:

** You may qualify for federal tax credits under the SECURE Act of 2020. These bottom-line tax credits are no less than $500 and no more than $5000 per year, for three years.

Mickey, I want to take a moment to personally thank you for all you have done for us.

I’m sure that for you it might be business as usual, but for us this whole process has allowed us to do more than we ever thought we could. We’ve met a number of skeptics along the way… but in the end it was a key factor in allowing us to make such a bold move (that and faith perhaps). So again, thank you so much for the consul along the way and the assistance in getting us here. As always, we will certainly give a positive endorsement of our experience with Accelefund.

-Kevin M.

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